Region Nordjylland

As you might have heard I got myself an internship at Region Nordjylland last November. Here I’d like to give you an insight to my time there, and the moments that inspired me and gave me energy to keep working hard for my dream job.

Region Nordjylland

Community manager – yet again

I have been a community manager in most of my recent jobs, and I never get tired of it. This time around it was different. I got to work on my own, and make my own experiences about different strategic moves. I started of making a survey for their primary target group (students) and their secondary (teachers). This gave me a knowledge about which social media platforms the target groups are on, and where they’d like to see updates from Nordjyske Nyskabere. The survey gave me a solid foundation and a back-up in my final social media strategy. To my own surprise Twitter  wasn’t used as much as I would have liked to. I did make the necessary adjustments, and made Facebook and Instagram the primary communication tool, and Twitter secondary. In the end Nordjyske Nyskabere’s Klout-score went up by 30 points, and is expected to rise gradually when the workshop begins January 27th.

During my internship I got to meet loads of nice and experienced co-workers, who made everyday fun and educational. I wont mention them by name – they know who they are. Instead I’ll turn to moments and days that made an impact.

By my own initiative, and as way of taking the strategy to the next level I went to two high schools to meet the students participating in the workshop. I got to see how the students work, and what their thoughts on the competition were. This gave me a more qualitative insight, and also material to my social media content calendar.

Last but not least the very first highlight of my six weeks at Region Nordjylland were, that I got my own desk AND computer. I’ve been an office nomad so many times, that having my own was just great.

My desk at Region Nordjylland

My desk at Region Nordjylland


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