Nordjyske Nyskabere

Nordjyske Nyskabere 2013

Nordjyske Nyskabere is a competition for young people from the age of 16+, who are enrolled in an upper secondary education in Northern Jutland, Denmark. They compete by having an innovative idea for a product and/or social innovation. My role in the workshop was to guide and mentor my groups. I was assigned 10 groups, who all came with different ideas, and visions. In regards to helping my groups develop their idea, they had to make a business plan, and a pitch. Pitching isn’t as easy as it sounds, so my job was to teach them what a pitch is, and how to be confident when standing in front of one hundred people, or more. Out of the 50 groups participating, three of my groups made it to the finals. They didn’t win, but I still consider it a victory. Below you can see a video made by one of my groups. Unfortunately it is in Danish:

Basically the group made a P-stub, which made it cheaper and easier to make parking lots.

Nordjyske Nyskabere 2014

One year has already past since then, and I am ready for Nordjyske Nyskabere 2014. I’m so excited to meet my groups, and see both what they have to offer, and how I can motivate them to do better. Below you can see the other guides, plus the workshop leader:

From the left, first row: Morten, Me, Jacob, Jesper, Mikael and Michael.

From the left, first row: Morten, Me, Jacob, Jesper, Mikael and Michael. Photo credit: Nordjyske Nyskabere

This year my role has been expanded since I was an intern at Region Nordjylland last November, where I developed a social media strategy. This basically means I’ll be responsible for their Twitter, Instagram and sometimes Facebook. I’ll add more to my role, as it unfolds even more January 27th – May.


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