AAU Matchmaking

I worked at AAU Matchmaking as a student worker/assistant from February 2012 to June 2013, and I absolutely loved it. Not a single day was the same.

AAU Matchmaking works with connecting the university to the business world. They create the possibility for university projects, internships and networking. Read more about AAU Matchmaking here.

My tasks

It was and is an ever changing environment where one day I was counting nuts or folding brochures and another I was passing out chocolate covered marshmallows around campus. One of the things I really loved about my work was and is, that they didn’t treat me as just a student worker, I was a part of the team. They asked for my thoughts and input on new events, design and other things. Sometimes they took it in and used it,  and sometimes they didn’t. One thing they always did though was listen.

Here’s one of my workstations:


My workstation that day. I was the office nomad since I didn’t have my own table.

I’ve been given the responsibility of keeping up their Facebook page “Solution Camp Aalborg Universitet” and their Twitter “Solution Camp AAU“. Solution Camp is a part of AAU Matchmakings many offers to students.

But what is Solution Camp?

It’s kind of like a fieldtrip, where students from different studies (at Aalborg University) goes on on a bus to visit a firm to help them come up with creative and innovative solutions. The Camp starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 5 or so in the afternoon. Breakfast and lunch are usually provided by the firm for the participants. The day is filled with creative exercises from The Creative Platform (Den Kreative Platform) that turns your way of thinking upside down and back again. At a camp like this you learn so much from giving yourself  in to the “game” – it actually feels like a fun and playful day, where you open yourself up to new ways of thinking. To read more about this go to solution.aau.dk which I also manage in regards to updating events. I also manage match.aau.dk, which is the official website for my work and is for firms and companies to use, where as solution.aau.dk is for students.


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