I can offer a creative person, who’s rather quick when it comes to learning how a new program works. I’m attentive to detail but at the same time I like knowing the overall idea before starting a task. Below I’ve gathered a few of my advantages that could be applied to your company – since I am searching for a job in Jutland.

Social media

My field of knowledge was expanded in spring of 2013 where I specialized in Danish companies on Twitter. This interest came from working with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) personally, and professionally since 2001 and 2011. I’ve worked on several projects concerning strategic communication online, for 3PART and AAU Matchmaking.

Strategic communication

I like communication and seeing the overall perspective shining through every inch of marketing, whether it’s online or offline. Communication isn’t just about words to me, it’s about tone of voice, length of text and a feel for the context of the text, and platform it’s being presented in. Furthermore there’s layout, and signaling the values of the company. In layout and communication there should be a plan, and strategic moves which has the goal in mind. I can do that. Based on experience and growing knowledge of the field, I can give you a breath of fresh air mixed with the ability to optimize your strategic communication.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign (beginner)
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Animation Shop Pro
  • Microsoft Office
  • Etc.

Read more about me on LinkedIn, for questions contact me on Twitter (Trine_Dalsgaard).


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