Facebook: A look back

This blog post is written quickly, and happily. Facebook turns 10 today (hurrah!) – I think most of us have heard. And most of us have tested how long we’ve spend on the social media site. But have you looked back on all of your years on Facebook? The creators behind Facebook have summed it…

Why “How I Met Your Mother” helps me write

Yes, you read it correctly. A show’s mindset has given me a good way of thinking. Now I’m assuming you know all about How I Met Your Mother, if not – you should. First, let’s discuss Past Trine, Present Trine and Future Trine. I could go on and make this a hermeneutic discussion about what I…

It’s nice to be nice!

It's nice to be nice!

Today has been: rainy – verrry rainy. I had no umbrella. The bus was 4 minutes late and there was no shelter – Imagine my mood! Then in the bus there was this post-it note saying:

“Hi co-passenger,

Have a nice day and thank you for helping a stranger =)”

In my misery of being wet, oh so wet aka. so much water that my eyes automatically closed, I smiled. I hope you did to.

Have a nice day!