SMW 14: Udvid netværket med Chuck Norris og Alfons Åberg – og skab content, der får folk til at handle

My top three event, at least! I was beyond excited about it beforehand and my expectations were fulfilled. The event was hosted by BRO Kommunikation (@BRO_KOMM), and the speakers were Henrik H. Poulsen (@HenrikHPoulsen), and Nikoline Christensen (@NikolineC). As Henrik’s Twitter-profile states, he’s tall and friendly. He has a way of capturing the audience with smiles, and wizard like facts that everyone needs to write down right away. I will take the highlights from the event and boil them down to how-to’s in blogging and networking.

How to blog

  • Be careful when choosing a headline! It can scare potential readers away.
  • Never be mystical or use wordplay in a headline. The reader won’t click, if it doesn’t make any sense!
  • Write about something people have an opinion about. Your content has to be entertaining!
  • Use precise words all the time. This will help your SEO.
  • Cut away all the noisy words aka. words of the devil which is often adverbs.
  • Use lists! They’re easy to read through.
  • Shorten down your sentences. If your message isn’t clear in eight words, it’s not good enough!
  • Check the length of your sentence by pressing enter after each punctuation. This will give you a visual of the length of your sentences.
  • Use 2-3 personas that represent your target audience.

How to network

Now networking can be scary because you might not know anyone. I’ve tried these tips out, and they work!

  • Don’t walk over to someone who’s standing alone! There’s probably a reason for that
  • Walk over to a group of three who isn’t facing each other. They’re an open group. See an example below.
  • Always choose a group with at least one of the opposite sex.
  • Fall into the conversation by saying: Can I have listen?

The example features a group of two instead of three but the rule of an open or closed group still applies. This is a closed group:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It is hard to break into this conversion, go for an open group if possible:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

BRO Kommunikation is really great at writing blog posts and I recommend you take a look at their blog, Twitter or Facebook. Read tweets from this event by typing #smwcontent on Twitter. If you ‘d like to read my tweets from this event go to @Trine_Dalsgaard.


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