SMW 14: Open and Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders

The event Open & Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders was also held at beautiful Børsen but this time around the speaker was Jacob Theilgaard (@Jbtheilgaard) from Mannaz. Below you can see Børsen from a distance:

Børsen seen from a distanceFirst of Jacob established our relationship to our smartphone. For example you’re never more never than 50 cm from it. My exception would be when I’m in the shower. I can wait those 10 minutes. Also, I’m glad Jacob didn’t actually make us do this exercise – but it was a fun thought experiment. Imagine you’re sitting in a room with one hundred people who you don’t know. Then imagine you’re asked to pass on your smartphone to the person on the right. And then repeat it one more time. Just the thought terrified me. I simply can’t be that far from my smartphone – let alone give it to a stranger.

Customer is king!

You may have heard that content is king but so is the customer. They drive the sale. As an old saying states: the customer is always right. In this case, the customer will only spread the word if they like it.

Innovative organizations

Innovation means being open for change. Don’t be afraid to change direction, when your business plan doesn’t hold up. No company should have a five year business plan today – it’ll get old in no time. So: Innovation should be the norm instead of the exception. As an example Blockbuster declined to partner up with Netflix a few years back –  and now they regret it. The customer would rather be able to get movies from the comfort of their own living room – or on the road with their computer. Saying no to innovation can be a company’s downfall.

Organizational structure

A flat organizational structure is the way to go when being innovativ. It becomes easier to connect to diverse ideas, and if you can merge the ideas far down in the organization, it’ll give you openness and transparency. The structure is important for the main goal in an organization. So:Take care of your business model – it might be dying. – Jacob Theilgaard, Mannaz

For more excellent thoughts on this event type in #smwMannaz on Twitter. If you ‘d like to read my tweets from this event go to @Trine_Dalsgaard. The rest of my Social Media Week program can be read here.


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