SMW 14: Social Media Advertising and Your Content Strategy – the Great Disconnect

My first event was held at Børsen, and what a beautiful location it was! I’m still mesmerized by it. Take a sneak peek at it below:


The event was called Social Media Advertising and Your Content Strategy – the Great Disconnect, and was hosted by @FalconSocial. The speakers were Mary Liebowitz (@sparklewitz) and May Laursen (@MayLaursen). Below I’ve gathered some of the excellent guidelines and points.

Don’t be that guy!

What guy you may ask. The guy at the bar, who comes on to everyone just to get some attention but rarely gets it because he’s all over the place. You may even say that he comes off as spam. It can be compared to marketing. If you aim to reach everyone, and get everyone to like you, or your page, you’ll rarely succeed.

Toolkit for advertising on social media 

  • Go for Google Analytics and make it your friend!
  • Look at conversation paths and sources
  • View the time lag
  • And then there’s those affiliate advertiser insights
  • And split testing tools
  • Heat & scroll maps

When you make an ad on Facebook, remember that you’re actually breaking into people’s private sphere. It’s like popping up in people’s homes, saying: “Stop what you’re doing. I’ve got something for you.” Avoid trying to push your product over people’s heads. Instead, try to sell a story that makes your target groups laugh. When you’re building your audience it requires: self-awareness, client research, organization, resources and responsibilities. By focusing on self-awareness, consistency and structure you can maintain authenticity.

For more excellent thoughts on this event type in #smwads on Twitter. If you ‘d like to read my tweets from this event go to @Trine_Dalsgaard. The rest of my Social Media Week program can be read here.


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