Facebook: A look back

This blog post is written quickly, and happily. Facebook turns 10 today (hurrah!) – I think most of us have heard. And most of us have tested how long we’ve spend on the social media site. But have you looked back on all of your years on Facebook? The creators behind Facebook have summed it up in this neat little video. It’s about one minute long. Try it here: Facebook: A look back

This little video made me smile, and it highlighted almost all my happy moments. There was a few moments missing but I’ll look through that. The video did the trick – I’m happy. But why shouldn’t I be? I’m in center; it’s featuring me and my friends – my last six years seen through Facebook. This was a clever move from Facebook I’ll give them that. They showed me My Facebook – I’m a part of those 10 years. 



This is what Facebook can do. They put me in center, while I’m getting even deeper into the Facebook generation, where my life (filtered by me) is presented. It’s scary, yet an exciting development to follow – and be a part of. I can’t wait to see, what will happen to Facebook in the next 10 years.


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