Instagram babies

Photos of babies – don’t you just love them? You know those photos of food stuck to their faces while they’re putting a grin on? They’re not cute the first time, and certainly not the next fifty times on Facebook. So, are babies banned from social media? No. There is actually some clever moms and dads out there, who take this seriously. I’ve gathered two from Denmark, who do this to perfection. Meet Baby Karen, as we’ve come to know her:

Here's a small collection of Thomas' Instagram. Click a photo to visit it.

The photos are taken by her dad @thomasrockstar, who I started to follow because he takes such beautiful photos of the streets in Copenhagen, as seen above. He also takes photos of puddles, sunsets and the people who surround him. It’s both a personal, and a creative account. You should definitely check him out, and meet Baby Karen as seen through Thomas’ fatherly eyes.

Now this person has been featured on my blog before, and she deserves another one. It is @idalaerke. She already has a son, Saxo, who is often seen in her home eating, or taking a walk by the beach. He’s been a natural part of her showing us some artistic angles to her home, and surroundings. But lately, a new person has come along. Meet Saga:

Here's a small collection of Ida's Instagram. Click a photo to visit it.

It’s fun, very idyllic photos of Saga alone, or with her family. It’s sweet, it’s innocent and it’s not at all like the photos you see on Facebook. Take a peak. I so adore her style and eye for detail and lighting, as seen in the second photo.

Do you know of other artistic and clever parents on social media? If so, let me know. I’d like to add more of their kind to my feed.


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