Funeral selfies – the new, creepy trend

Just in time for Halloween a new, and rather creepy trend has arrived. It is as it sounds, selfies taken at funerals. Mostly young people are taking photos of themselves before or during a funeral. Afterwards they’re futured on this tumblr. So there you have it. Social media has reached new heights. I’ve gathered some examples below:

Funeral Selfie

Funeral Selfie 2

I originally came across this story on Storify, where all the horrifying photos across social media platforms has been gathered. For more visuals click here. It’s an ongoing trend especially at this time of year – halloween.

Now this is one take on the new trend.  It’s creepy, and it’s wrong. Maybe, just maybe it’s a healthy trend? Funerals are sad, indeed they are. But maybe this is a way of creating one last memory? Your guess is as good as mine. All in all I personally find it wrong when those doing it, is trying to be featured on tumblr and create attention. 

What do you think, is it okay to do so?


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