What is SEO?

I went to an event today held by UngKom Nord with this exact thought; What is SEO? Below I’ve summarized what I’ve learned so far. The speaker was Michael Larsen from Nordjyske Medier. Enjoy.

Michael Larsen is talking about on page SEO

SEO – Search engine optimization is:

  • Used to make a website more visible in a search
  • It’s a longterm investment in marketing – but it’s worth it!
  • If you want fast marketing on Google Search, you have to pay for it

Author Rank, what?

  • When your websites link or name (author) is being used other places, you get a higher rank on Google Search. More credibility, as one BJ Fogg would call it
  • You can boost your rank by adding social media plug-ins. I you use them regularly, they’ll continuely add new content to your website. Ex: a live update of your tweets.

Long tail concept – be searchable!

  • Use simple words such as “table”, if that’s the product you’re selling
  • Add a longer sentence, where the simple word is included. It makes it more specific. Like “hardwood table”
  • Create content! Describe every page you have but be careful not to repeat yourself – that wont make a difference
  • What counts is, when Google Search gets a hunch about your site and indexes it

Quick SEO tips

  • URL build-up: http://website name.com/main subject/more specific/even more specific if you can
  • Architecture: Make sure you have navigation structure (a menu, internal search engine, links to secondary pages)
  • Photos: Give them a URL name that holds to the subject. That way, your photo will lead to your website in Google Search
  • Headline: The first word in your headline should be one of the main subjects
  • HTML: Title tag is 69 characters (headline in Google Search), Meta tag is 160 characters long (text below headline in Google)
  • Internal links: Your site should have a navigation bar and a site map

Off page SEO tips

  • Get a Google+ profile, and use it to share new content from your website. Even if you’re not active on G+, this will boost your searchability
  • Get others to link to your site, and recommend you. This too, will give you a better credibility and more visitors.
  • Make it sharable! We live in a social media controlled web and the more exposure, the better. Make a plug-in with share buttons on each page. See example of such below in my blogpost.
  • Google Instant! By typing in a word on Google (as you normally would) Google Instant will show you in grey, the word that normally follows. That way you know which word you should include on your page. Playing around with search terms on Google can give you an idea of, what your search terms should be.

Last but not least

“Give me some linkjuice!” – Michael Larsen, Nordjyske Medier

Remember to use your links well, and share links with relevant business partners. Reference is one of many keys. This is not absolute knowledge about SEO but merely my notes from a one hour event.  I hope it gave you an idea of what SEO is.


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