Using Twitter as a tool for finding a job

This blog post originates from a small meeting with a friend who needed help to use Twitter efficiently, when it comes to getting a job in Denmark. I’m keeping the blog post in English, so that it’s sharable and understandable to most. This will be just above beginner’s level, which means you may have a few followers, some tweets, a bio and a profile photo by now. Below you’ll hopefully find some inspiration to get you started.

Step one

Follow 100 people, if possible. That way you’ll get a more active and fun feed to stay updated on.

Step two

Now, if you’re struggling to figure who you know on Twitter, or just simply who to follow, you can start by finding connections from LinkedIn, old colleagues or classmates.

Step three

Be a spy. Check out who your colleagues etc. are following, and try them out. It’s important to understand that you can easily unfollow again with no hard feelings. This is not Facebook. It’s not necessarily your friends you’re following, it’s a network you’re building.

Step four

Start tweeting! It might sound terrifying to do so but the worst thing that can happen, is that no one notices you. You can start of by tweeting about articles you read, and when you do, remember to comment on them, and add a link, or hashtag.

Step five

Know your hashtags! Here’s a few to get you started: #jobdk (available jobs) #dkmedier (news via TV, radio and articles) #kommdk (communication) #blogdk (blogs) #smdk (social media). Rule of thumb Danish hashtags will often have a “dk” attached to them but not always. Such as #twitterhjerne (for asking questions about anything)

Step six

It takes time and effort! You won’t get a huge network on Twitter in a week, or even a month. Explore different users, and talk to them. It will payoff to help others, and discuss articles, or even TV-shows. When your followers know you, they’ll give you a lead on a job, the minute they see it – hopefully.

This is a simple approach to getting started on Twitter, while creating a beneficial network. If you have a comment or even if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment here, or tweet me at @Trine_Dalsgaard


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