Oh Chill, would you?

Does it sound offensive? It depends on who you are. Are you the developer of Chill? Then maybe. This social media platform is really.. um challenging. Today on Chill: it’s been down, it refused to log me in (x times), it took it’s time reposting a video and I could go on. The only thing…

It’s nice to be nice!

It's nice to be nice!

Today has been: rainy – verrry rainy. I had no umbrella. The bus was 4 minutes late and there was no shelter – Imagine my mood! Then in the bus there was this post-it note saying:

“Hi co-passenger,

Have a nice day and thank you for helping a stranger =)”

In my misery of being wet, oh so wet aka. so much water that my eyes automatically closed, I smiled. I hope you did to.

Have a nice day!

Think about it!

Think about it!

I just stumbled upon Frank Rose’s profile on twitter, and I was puzzled and intrigued by his way of combining his picture and background. Kuddos from here!